New GTA Online Money Glitch Allows Players To Get All In-Game Items For Free

GTA Online money glitch

Another interesting money glitch has popped up in GTA Online which gives players the opportunity to get everything they want in the game for free!

Even those who started playing Grand Theft Auto Online a while back would be aware of GTA Online money glitch. These glitches, which appear in the game from time to time, have helped players make a lot of money and get other lucrative rewards. Because of the kind of incentives they offer, these money glitches have also been referred to as ‘Buy Everything For Free’ or BEFF.

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This particular exploit enables a player to buy anything without spending any amount of cash. While this exploit is quite rewarding, players need to understand it properly to take advantage of it. Once a player understands its mechanism properly, they can gain significantly from it.

This exploit can also be described as a slightly different form of the Frozen Money Glitch. The process is implementing or taking advantage of these two glitches are also different from one another. Players, who are involved in GTA Online, need a bird so that this glitch can be carried out by the Director Mode. Alternatively, players can also get things moving by consuming a Peyote Plant in the story mode of GTA 5.

To exploit this glitch, players need to follow some simple steps. First, they need to have a PC or laptop at their disposal. The device they are using must have a Wi-Fi Ethernet. In Director Mode, the director should have access to a bird. Before going any further, the player should make it a point to ‘forget’ all network connections from their console.

To exploit this glitch adequately, it is very important to have a strong internet connection. The player has to first work towards building a connection between their computer and console using the Ethernet cable. Wi-Fi is the only internet source the player should be using. Using their computer, a player should open network connections. The player should now choose ‘Bridge Connection’. They should also check whether their PlayStation or Xbox console is connected through Ethernet or not.

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After this, the player has to visit the in-game vehicle websites and choose a vehicle. However, after selecting the vehicle, the player should not buy it immediately. The player should now turn off the Wi-Fi, buy the item they had earlier selected, quit to story mode and turn on the Wi-Fi.

After taking these steps, they need to go to the Interaction Menu, press the D-pad and then, choose either X or A based on the console being used. The final steps involve choosing one of the characters in the Beach Mode, booting up an Invite Only Session, saving the game and finally closing it.

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