GTA Online: New Glitch Enables Solo Players To Make Millions – Here’s How!

GTA Online money glitch

GTA Online players, yet again, have the opportunity to earn a lot of money by exploiting a glitch.

Grand Theft Auto Online is one game that gives players several opportunities to make money. The frequently occurring glitches in the game make it possible for players to make millions of in-game money.

If a player manages to exploit these glitches properly, they can make a huge amount of money quickly without putting in a lot of hard work. A new glitch in the game enables players to sell any street car at a price much higher than its resale value. By selling any random street car, a player can earn millions of dollars.

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This new glitch, like any other glitch, involves a few steps. However, these steps are simple to understand and can be executed quite conveniently as well. Even the ones who are new to the game won’t face any difficulty while following these steps.

A YouTuber, who identifies themselves as VeruvaHD, uploaded a video showcasing how to use the new money glitch in the game. To execute this glitch, the player has to visit the Los Santos Customs outlet based in Burton during an Invite-Only Session. The player must also remember to set their spawn location as their last location.

After reaching the aforementioned location, the player has to work towards stealing a car parked nearby, get it inside the mod shop and use the first armor upgrade option on it. After this, the player has to click on the Interaction Menu and choose the ‘Kill Yourself’ option.

Once the settings menu of the mission appears on the screen, the player has to quit the job and then, click on the Pause Menu. They have to start the first race by going to the Rockstar Created Races list.

The next step involves stealing another street vehicle, maneuvering their way to the same Los Santos Custom outlet they had visited earlier and put on a new License Plate on their vehicle. Now, instead of moving out of the shop, the player is expected to participate in a new Invite Only session by going to the Pause Menu.

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After venturing into a private lobby, the player needs to use an explosive to eliminate the character. By going to the Rockstar Created jobs list, the player can start the A Titan of a Mission again. This time, the player should not be exiting the job. Instead, they should launch the job after confirming all the settings.

After this, the player has to steal one of the street cars around, get on the driving seat and reach the Los Santos Customs. The player must remember to part it closer to the entrance. Now, the player has to reach out to their in-game smartphone, go to the Job List app and call it quits.

The player has to now go to the Online tab of the Pause Menu and choose the leave GTA Online option. After this, they have to go back to the Invite-Only session. Now, the player has to steal another street car and get a window tint on it. The player must stay in the shop and choose the Swap Character option. Once the animation effect stops, they have to go to the story mode of the game and find their way to an Invite Only session. Now, they can sell any street car and earn millions of dollars.

To complete the aforementioned process, a player needs to invest just 8-10 minutes. Since Rockstar keeps rolling out background updates for GTA Online regularly, there is a possibility of this glitch not being around for long. Players, therefore, should try and exploit it as soon as possible.

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