Overwatch Updates Ensure Your Skill Ratings Don’t Drop For Rage Quits

Overwatch Updates

The competitive mode in Overwatch has acquired a lot of attention from the players and the developers. It is simply unforgiving but technical glitches can never be tolerated.

A lot of things matter in order to maintain a decent skill rating in the game. Blizzard has introduced a number of tweaks to the title to make it more playable and less annoying to the players onboard. A recent update has been rolled out to the competitive mode in Blizzard which ensures that in case the enemy who lost the match quits before it ends, all players on the opposite team were penalized.

The positive skill rating that was supposed to be given to them was not provided because a player in their enemy team rage quite before the match ended. After playing through an entire match in Overwatch, one would obviously feel annoyed to have lost their skill rating just because their opponent wouldn’t stay online. Blizzard developers have fixed this by rolling out an update.

The information was confirmed by the team in their official forum. Even though, they have rolled out the patch files at least three days ago, there was a bug which prevented it from being uploaded into the game. The patch was first rolled out on the PC platform and will later be made available on the Playstation 4, Xbox One consoles.


In their recent announcement, Blizzard confirmed that the system is working as intended and players should receive skill ratings as intended. They also adjust the ratings for some of the recent games as some felt they weren’t properly honored for the hard work they put through different matches. MOBAs are always about victory and skill. The more you win, the easy it is to stay on the top.

Dota 2 and LOL has faced such issues for a very long time. Overwatch players are entirely new to the competitive mode scenario. They were quite annoyed by how serious and demanding these modes could be. Some opined that it removed the fun factor out of the game. Such modes have always been this way except for the numerous bugs that Blizzard is yet to fix. Once they do so, it might become the most favored mode in Overwatch.

It is also rumored that a new hero could be announced at the comic con event and more maps to play with. The game is yet to reach its best side and it will soon.

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