New ‘/locate’ Command Included In Minecraft Snapshot 22w19a

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Minecraft snapshot 22w19a recently modified the ‘/locate’ command in the game.

Though there are multiple commands in the game, this happens to be one of the most widely used ones. If players happen to be in the creative mode and are looking for a specific structure or biome, they use this command and benefit hugely from it. Players should be quite happy about the fact that it has received a new update.

Though the snapshot is not offering anything significant to the gamers, this command-related change would definitely offer a smoother gameplay experience. Once feedback starts coming, one would be able to arrive at further clarity on how it has proved to be helpful to the gamers.

These snapshots have been released to examine the new features that are a part of the 1.19 The Wild Update. The major objective of releasing these snapshots is to help players stay in touch with their progress in the game. These snapshots also help in dealing with any problem or bug that crops up while trying out the new features.

For several years, the command has helped players find out several important in-game locations. It also gave them the ability to teleport from one place to another. Now, the command works slightly differently from how it used to function earlier. Once players start using it, they will get a clear idea of how it works now.

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When players create a world in the newest Minecraft snapshot 22w19a, they have to ensure that the usage of cheats is permitted in that specific world. This is important as they would be able to write and execute commands only if cheats are allowed. Once they enter the world, they would get the opportunity to write or enter the ‘/locate’ command and figure out what has changed.

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