Minecraft Player Comes Up With Innovative Concept For a New Title Screen

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Minecraft was launched around ten years back. Despite being a decade-old game, its popularity remains intact.

Regular updates, solid reach and the presence of a huge community are some of the factors that have contributed to the massive success achieved by the game.

Though the game has been receiving updates consistently, recently Microsoft has made efforts to provide the game with major updates that have led to the inclusion of new mobs and fresh content. Some of the recent news reports have also indicated the possibility of new Minecraft projects being developed. All this shows that Microsoft is very serious about upgrading the game and ensuring that it appears up-to-date.

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Despite this, players have been quite anxious thinking about when certain sections of the game will receive an update. For instance, when Minecraft players were requested to vote for new mobs, a lot of players could not help but wonder why all the mobs were not included in the game.

A large number of players are also of the opinion that the title screen deserved an update. Though the title screen has been upgraded at different intervals at different points, it still looks unexciting to several players. A player taking the initiative of putting together a new title screen serves as a testimony to the fact that players are really keen on having the title screen changed.

Minecraft Title Screen Reimagined from Minecraft

The aforementioned Minecraft enthusiast is Reddit user NimbleCEO. They designed and animated a title screen that could serve as an introduction to the menu. NimbleCEO’s design consists of a brief segment in which we can see the camera panning out of an arch and showing us a glimpse of a village along with the hills surrounding it. As compared to all the other title screens for the game we have come across in the past, this one is far more dynamic and imaginative.

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While a large number of players appreciated the efforts made by NimbleCEO, there were some who joked about it. One particular player pointed out that the overall design of the animated clip could cause result in some players suffering from motion sickness.

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