New Pokemon GO Update Offers A Glimpse Of Important Changes Made To Mega Revolution

Pokemon Go

Ever since it was launched in 201, Pokemon GO has managed to impress a large number of Pokemon fans.

Major updates have been rolled out regularly and that has played an important role in the game appearing fresh and being relevant for so long. New Pokemon have been added to the game at regular intervals in the last six years. Recently, the game introduced players to the Alola region’s first wave of Pokemon. It has also brought in fresh ideas to the gameplay in the form of Mega Evolution and Powered UpPokeStops.

Mega Evolution was integrated in Pokemon X and Y in the year 2013. Since then, the updated evolutionary forms have registered a strong impression on the fans of this monster-catching franchise. In 2020, the Pokemon GO team made an official announcement about Mega Evolution being introduced to the mobile game. Since then, fans have been looking forward to popular Pokemon like Lucario and Charizard arriving in the game. Now that Mega Evolution in Pokemon GO is inching closer to its second anniversary, Niantic has offered a glimpse of some of the alterations that will be made to Mega Evolution in the times to come.

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The newest entry, made by Pokemon GO in the ‘Dev Diaries’ blog, introduces one to the several changes that will be made to Mega Evolutions from Mega Raid to the Mega Levels system. Players who expect to tackle Mega Raids will get easier raids to complete. The players will also get the option to Mega Evolve their Pokemon while embarking upon a Raid from the raid and battle prep screens. Pokemon GO has also put together a new design for the Mega Evolution system and added a bunch of Mega Levels to it.

Mega Levels have been designed as a kind of progression for the Pokemon of a player. Every time a Pokemon Mega Evolves, the player will secure a better control over his game. Mega Levels will offer bonuses, which exist already, like increased Stardust. Apart from the older bonuses, it will also provide players with new bonuses like increased XP and the opportunity to win XL candy.

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