New Sound Assistant App by Samsung Promises Better Sound Controls and Customization

Sound Assistant Samsung

The developer team at Samsung had come up with a Sound Assistant app for Android users and it is now live on Google Play Store.

If you are using a Samsung Galaxy device, you should definitely download this right away and give it a shot. The app has been designed in such a way that it will allow users to fine tune their sound, adjust and have complete control over their music with improved customization options. One of the common issues that users often face is when they try to adjust the media volume, they end up reducing the phone’s ringer volume.

Samsung SoundAssistant

The new Sound Assistant app by Samsung comes bundled with a toggle control which will allow you to easily control the media volume using the volume keys. You will no longer be changing you phone to vibration or reduce the ringtone that could cause a lot of chaos in your professional and personal life. Given how useful this feature is, it wouldn’t be surprising if all other smartphone manufacturers start adopting this real soon.

Another interesting and audiophile quality features is the floating equalizer provided by the app. It will be available to users anytime without having to open a particular music app. The equalizer is also equipped with 150 steps of volume control making it easy to find the right one based on the type of speakers you use and how much output they would need to produce quality music. The mono audio switch found in the app is combined with  another features named Scenarios, making it an audiophile’s dream come true.

After all, one could hardly receive such a level of customization on their smartphones. Scenarios as the name suggests is a feature which allows you to automatically program your phone to go into vibration mode during work hours, loud during gym time in the evening and so on. Users can program based on whether it is a weekday or a weekend. They can set specific time, like for example the phone will automatically go into vibration mode from morning 9 am to 6 pm in the evening during work hours.

Sound Assistant Samsung

It ensures you don’t have to keep sliding the volume controls back and forth everyday. The concept is similar to setting up an alarm and have it run on a daily basis to wake you up everyday. The Samsung Sound Assistant App is useful for all Samsung Galaxy owners and it might be introduced to other Android users if they could overcome the software hurdles to make it work as it should.