New Technology to be used for Next Generation iPhone 8 – Full Active LCD – Exciting Prospects for the Future of LCD Displays

iPhone 8 Full Active LCD

It is expected that the next generation iPhone 8 will come with a brand new technology, known as full active LCD.

New Models for 2017

According to NASDAQ AAPL, Apple will be releasing three new models for the iPhone, states Nikkei. Out of these three models, two will have LCD displays of 4.7 inches and 5.0 inches one. However, the third model of the iPhone 8 will be the premium phone using curved OLED screen display.

iPhone 8 Full Active LCD

New Form Factor

The review of the iPhone 7 in The New York Times stated that the next gen iPhone, the iPhone 8, would come with full screen face and a virtual button that is built in the screen directly. The source for this information was cited as those coming from Apple.

New Technology

However, in order to use this kind of form factor in the phones that incorporate LCD display, the company will probably use new technology, which has been termed as a full active LCD technology, according to Japan Display, a supplier for iPhone displays.

Full Active LCD Explained

Japan Display has further explained what Full Active LCD means. According ot Japan Display, the new technology makes use of a novel wiring layout of high density along with new technologies for processing and for assembling of module. This results in reducing the lower bezel of the phone, so that it can be as narrow as all the other sides of the phone. The new module structure of the LCD will enable the smartphone to have a size that is equal to the size of the display, according to the press release statement from Japan Display.

Japan Display further goes on to report that it is aiming to begin a mass production of this kind of display by March of the coming year. This means that the new technology will be in time for supporting the iPhone 8 when it launches in September next year.

Perfect Fit

The technology described by Japan Display seems to be a perfect fit for iPhone models. It will allow Apple to offer a full screen face model, which was described by The New York Times. Japan Display has also offered details of how the new technology would evolve. It expects that the new technology will offer lower power consumption by 2018. By the next year 2019, the technology will become more flexible, so that it can enable a curved display similar to the ones enabled by an OLED display today.

Active LCD and OLED display

Advantages of New Technology

Japan Display states that there are several advantages offered by the new technology, such as efficiency of power, better brightness in viewing angles, improved lifetime, improved cost and more designability. The claims seem to be rather bold and it remains to be seen whether these can hold up after the display makes its way to the user’s hands. However, if Japan Display along with other LCD manufacturers makes LCDs that are competitive with an OLED display in important aspects, the new technology could have a bright future while being used in smartphones.

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