The New Trusted Contacts App from Google Lets the Android Users to Share Their Location in Times of Crisis

Trusted Contacts App

Google has now come up with a new app called as the Trusted Contacts for its Android users.

The app has been created with an idea to allow its users to convey the information to their trusted ones that they are safe in times of emergencies and crisis. The app will send the location of the person to the assigned users which will let them know where exactly they are during emergency situations like an earthquake or any other natural disasters.

Trusted Contacts App

Add Closest Friends as Trusted Contacts

The Trusted Contacts app has been designed with a simple user interface and does solely what it says. According to the description written about the app on Google Play, Trusted Contacts is a personal safety app which opens a direct line of sharing in between the user and their loved ones. The safety app allows the user to add their closest friends and family members as trusted contacts. These contacts will be then allowed to request for the user’s location in case of emergency. The user is capable of controlling who can see their location.

When any of the assigned contacts requests for a location, the information will be received in the form of a phone call. The users will be provided with options to either deny the location sharing request in case they are safe and do not need any help, or they can share their location with the contact. In case the user fails to respond to the request within five minutes then the location details will be sent automatically to the trusted contact who had requested for it. Google has claimed that this will work even if the user is in an offline mode or even if the battery of the smartphone is dead.

Track the Phone to Locate

On the other hand, as a matter of choice, the users can also alert their trusted contacts by sharing their location proactively. Once the information is received by the contact, they can now track the smartphone of the person and know the exact location of where they are. Google has said that the trusted contacts will also be able to see the phone’s activity status of the person to quickly know that they are safe and alright.

Combating with Safety Check

The Trusted Contacts app is very similar to the many other safety apps which are out there in the market, but it is probably a little more refined. While the Safety Check feature on Facebook just allows the friends to know that the user is safe, the Trusted Contacts app does a lot more than that.

Google Trusted Contacts App

The size of the Trusted Contacts app is around 5.55 MB and is now available for free download at the Google Play Store for the Android users whose devices are running on Android version 4.1 and newer. However, there is no word yet on when the app will be made available for the iOS users.

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