Paytm Announces Cashless, Non-Internet Based Transactions Feature in India

Paytm Non Internet Based Transactions

Paytm had recently announced that it will be introducing a new feature which will allow any person to make payments by using a Paytm wallet, irrespective of whether or not they use a smartphone.

However, the users will definitely need access to a smartphone or to a PC so that they can create their Paytm account first, and then link it with their phone number, so that they can make funds transfer to their wallet. The users will not require an Internet connection or even a smartphone if they want to make payments on a day to day basis. All they need is a phone that works properly, even if it is not a feature phone.


Dial the Paytm Toll-Free Number for Cashless Non-Internet Mobile Payments

This move by Paytm has offered access to non-internet based mobile payments for millions of consumers and merchants across India. In order to do this, Paytm has launched a toll-free phone number 1800-1800-1234, which the users will have to dial from their registered mobile number so that they can set their PIN. Upon dialing the toll-free number, a voice message will let the user know that they will be receiving a call back in order to set the PIN.

After doing this the users will able to make payments by calling to this number and then type in the phone number of the recipient, then the amount that has to be paid, and then finally type in their PIN for confirmation. To make use of this feature, the users will not need a smartphone, the Paytm app, or even an Internet connection. Though it is not a very easy method to make payments, this feature will surely be of great use in many situations.

For example, there are many people of the older generation who are not yet acquainted with the smartphone technology and prefer using feature phones because it is simpler to use. The demonetization of the Rs. 500 and the Rs. 1000 notes has been tough for such people, who have been forced to make digital transactions. The toll-free number of Paytm will be of great help to such people who do not have access either to the smartphones or to the Internet. The people who do not own a smartphone will just have to visit the cyber café once and then they can use this Paytm toll-free number to make cashless non-internet based mobile payments. Undoubtedly, it is a method which many people with smartphones might also prefer rather than having to tap through a number of screens while making payments on an app.

The Setbacks

It looks like the feature still needs to be worked upon since there have been reports suggesting that the several attempts made by the users in getting through the Paytm app to set up a pin were unsuccessful as the line of the toll-free number was busy. Even if the users got through signing up for the service, making payments after that was again another story of its own since the number was busy again for the next couple of tries.

Paytm Non Internet Based Transactions

This issue could have probably occurred due to the initial rush of the users to sign up for their accounts, however, it does paint quite a worrying picture. Another setback of this feature is that if a person is trying to make a mobile payment by using this method, they will not be having access to the other forms of online payments, and if the system fails, unfortunately, because of the number being busy, then it could be a huge problem.

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