Next-Generation Grand Theft Auto V Upgrade Price Could Just Have Been Leaked

Rockstar Games

On March 15, Grand Theft Auto V is scheduled to release on PlayStation 5.

What has got the fans truly excited is the fact that it will offer a lot more original content and interesting features than the original version of the game did.

Apart from featured much-improved graphics, the PS5 version of GTA V will have 4K resolution at 60 frames and ray tracing. The game is expected to be more responsive and offer a great gameplay experience. There are also plans to expand the game in the near future.

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Though the release is just a few days away, Rockstar Games has maintained a stoic silence on its pricing. Based on the features offered by it, fans discussed the kind of pricing it could come with but nobody couldcome up with an accurate prediction pertaining to the amount at which the game will be sold in the gaming market.


For those who have been scratching their heads over the pricing of the PS5 version of GTA V, there is some good news. A Lithuania-based online retail store named ‘Game Room’ has listed the next-generation upgrade for the Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 on their website. On Game Room, the game will be sold at a moderate price of €40.

A Reddit user brought this piece of information to the fore and made GTA fans notice this. He also confirmed that it is a legitimate online retail store and not somebody trying to play a prank. While some fans were convinced about it being genuine, there were many who are doubtful about it as it is far-off from the kind of pricing they had imagined the game to be sold at.

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GTA V was released on PlayStation and Xbox 360 way back in the year 2013 and since then, it has grown to become one of the most popular games in recent history. On the day it was released, it sold more than 800 million copies. Many other records have been broken since then.

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