Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro vs Macbook Pro: Pricing and Specs Comparison

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro

The Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro was launched amidst much fanfare at an event held in Beijing, China. The company wants to cater to the Chinese and Indian audience by bringing in a laptop that would […]

Samsung Chromebook Plus Ready to Compete with Apple Macbook, Pricing, Specs and Availability Detailed

Samsung Chromebook Plus

Samsung Chromebook Plus is now available for pre-order and going by the specifications of the base model, as well as the proposed higher end version, they could offer great competition for Apple Macbook. For a […]

Spotify App Update For Mac: Touch Bar Controls and AirPods Support for the New Apple MacBook Pro

Spotify app

The Spotify app for Mac has been updated to bring in the new Touch Bar controls for the brand new MacBook Pro models. It will also support AirPods integration, where the music pauses when the AirPods are yanked off the user’s […]