Nintendo Switch Reinventing Gaming Consoles for Mobile Era, Going to the Next Level

Nintendo Switch Consoles

Nintendo Switch has reinvented the video gaming console in a bid to shake the way users play in today’s mobile era.

The Japanese manufacturer had originally debuted with the Nintendo Entertainment System, and this is the first time it is offering a video gaming console with so much potential to change the way gamers play in this mobile era.

Nintendo Switch

Genre Defined Entertainment

Nintendo had reinvented the video gaming concept about thirty years ago with the NES. The entertainment offered was more interactive, with games like Super Mario Bros and The Legend of Zelda, to name a couple of them. Moreover, Nintendo also freed games from the category of arcade games and made them accessible in the player’s living room in America.

This meant that players could play these games for any period of time, hours, days and even months. The home game offered basic stories, but combined these with tempo and pace, instead of being the cliffhanger type of action. Players no longer had to invest in expensive PCs or take a trip to arcades.

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Next Level

The Nintendo Switch takes this type of gaming to the next level. It offers a video gaming console that can be connected to the television in your home. It can also be held in the player’s hands and offers the ultimate in mobility. One of the games also barely needs a screen for playing.

Adaptability of Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch does not tell players where they should be playing or how they should do so. On the other hand, the Switch is able to adapt to the needs of the player. In fact, it can be considered as an antidote for Wii U. The Wii U made use of a controller made in plastic and looking like a tablet. The Wii U also made wrong conclusions regarding the player’s need for several screens. It was one of the consoles from Nintendo that was the least sold out, with just 13.6 million of the devices being sold from the time of launch in the year 2012.

Reversing Fortunes

The Nintendo Switch is a device being aimed at reversing the fortunes of the company. It looks far better than a child’s toy and offers a major video gaming console that can be prioritized by users according to their convenience.

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User Convenience

For instance, the Nintendo Switch comes with controllers that can be detached. When the controllers are attached, they offer the feel of a machine that is hand held, whereas when taken apart, it offers the feel of two small, separate controllers. Again, the Nintendo Switch can be slipped into the dock that is connected to your television and gets converted into the conventional video gaming console. Once it is disconnected, the Nintendo Switch turns into a gaming tablet that has touchscreen enabled for playing on the go.

Nintendo Switch Consoles

In Tune With Today’s Scenario

In short, the Nintendo Switch is a gaming console that is totally in tune with the way players live these days. You can play with friends at your favorite coffee shop, or play in your bed until the wee hours of the morning, or just play staring at your television.

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