Nintendo NX Details To Be Out Soon, Won’t Repeat The Wii U Mistakes

nintendo nx

The much awaited Nintendo NX console is about to be revealed real soon, as confirmed by inside sources.

The information was shared with the leading newspaper Wall Street Journal and when it comes from such a reputed source, we can hardly refute the claim. After all, this is the right time for Nintendo to step in and make an announcement about the NX console. Microsoft did their share with Xbox One S and the Scorpio consoles. Sony’s Playstation event revealed the PS4 Pro and the Slim consoles.

nintendo nx

Nintendo NX is an anticipated piece of hardware primarily because it is a hybrid console that the company is experimenting for the first time. A lot of top manufacturers like to create one but they usually shy away from the idea. Nintendo is taking a bold step forward with NX that can be connected to your HD television and at the same time, you can unplug it and connect the controllers to game on the go.

It’s like using PS Vita as home console and gaming on the go, all at once. The idea is innovative and promising during a time when consoles are waning out. The seven-year cycle has finally come to an end. Both Microsoft and Sony are releasing new generation hardware in just three years.

Nintendo is obviously prepared for this situation by launching a console that no longer is dependent on televisions. Their first party titles don’t require too much hardware power which made it easier for them to create a two-in-one model.

“Our sole objective when we launch the Nintendo NX console is to clearly explain what it is meant for so that people could understand its significance. Our job is to make them realize what it actually is and also fix the issues that plagued the Wii U console. Lack of regular first party releases made Wii U less popular which will not happen with the new NX,” said a spokesperson.

wii u

The company is going to focus a lot on the software front. The brand’s hardware has always been strong but lack of titles, especially when Nintendo doesn’t let third party software developers create games has been a primary issue with not just Wii U but other consoles as well.

An official reveal will be hosted by the brand and when they do, we will have more information on the specs, availability, pricing and most of all new games.

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