Tesla Upgrades Model S And Model X With 8.0 Autopilot Update

tesla model s

Tesla Motors has rolled out a new software update version 8.0 to improve their autopilot mode on Model S and Model X cars.

The semi-autonomous system used in the Tesla cars are being debated every day. While some opine that it could save lives and help them avoid the stress associated with driving in traffic, a lot of them are scared of betting their lives on a computer’s decision. It is a timely issue which might soon fade off as more people start embracing the inevitable change.

tesla model s

Model S and Model X are equipped with a front facing camera as well as a radar system. It requires a driver to be seated at all times. With the 8.0 autopilot update, Tesla is making some big changes to the car. Instead of relying on the cameras, the technology will now use the radar as its primary source of input. They are considered to be more accurate and can process signals quicker unlike the camera which will probably be a better option for human drivers, not computers.

According to the new update, both Tesla Model X and Model S cars will switch completely to a radar based system. The car will automatically take radar snapshots on the go made possible by the 8.0 update. Everything on the road including obstacles and other objects will be captured every tenth of the second. The previous version based on cameras is less accurate when compared to the new version.

In their statement, Tesla engineers confidently claimed that by bouncing signals and snapshots in front of the road, the radar system gains complete awareness of the surroundings. With such accuracy, the new auto pilot system will automatically initiate a brake if there is an obstacle ahead. It is so precise that a car that is going in front of the Model S may not spot the obstacle but your Tesla car will apply brakes as a safety measure to avoid a collision.

tesla autopilot

A huge advantage the radar detection system offers is that it can see through rain, fog or snowy climate. The only issue they have identified so far is that shiny objects like metal cans on the road might distract the radar and force it to apply brakes. The engineers are working on a new update after the 8.0 to stop Tesla cars from triggering a false alarm. With the 8.1 update, the company aims to allow autopilot to go off a freeway to reach your desired location.

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