WhatsApp for Android Gets a Scribble Tool like That of Snapchat


WhatsApp for its Android version had introduced voicemail recently and is now all set again to receive some more additional features in its latest Beta update.

These new features include a front-facing flash and the facility to write, draw and scribble on images, exactly like the one that Snapchat has.

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Scribble It Out and Make the Photos More Memorable

The latest update for WhatsApp Beta version 2.16.264 for Android brings new updates to the camera. After you click a photo by using the camera from the WhatsApp application, there will be a pop-up displayed with additional editing tools. The WhatsApp users can now edit the photo by using the ‘T’ buttons and the new pencil that is displayed on the screen to write, draw and scribble on top of the photo. You can also use the color picker to experiment with different colors. This feature to edit and scribble on a photo was first introduced by Snapchat. Later, Instagram also introduced a feature called the Instagram Stories on the lines of Snapchat.

It’s Time for Better Selfies

Another new feature that has been introduced with the recent beta version 2.16.264 is the front-facing flash. This feature produces a white flash-like effect on the phone’s screen while taking selfies for better low light photography. It is to be noted that both these new features are exclusive to the camera when it is exercised within WhatsApp only. These features will not be available for photos clicked from the smartphone’s normal camera app.

Send Messages to Multiple Users in One Go

Another new feature that was introduced by WhatsApp for its Android version allows you to forward or send messages to many people in a single go. Earlier, the messages could be forwarded or sent to only a single person at a time, whereas now many users can be selected at a single go.

All these features are still in the Beta stage. If you still want to use them, then you will have to register for the Beta testing program from Google Play for WhatsApp. You can then download the latest version from the Google Play Store. Alternatively, you can also go to the APK Mirror website and download the signed APK file. However, the download from Google Play is recommended, in case you would like to receive all the Beta updates straight from WhatsApp. The latest updates require the mobile device to run on Android OS 2.3.4 and newer versions.


After introducing the voice calling feature, where a voice message can be placed for unanswered WhatsApp calls, the company is reportedly working towards introducing the video calling feature too. In addition, it is also looking forward to supporting GIF image sharing and is planning of releasing them soon. WhatsApp recently brought in the giant emojis, and the ability to zoom in and out when you are recording a video via the WhatsApp application. The missed call notifications now show up in the “Chats” section itself.

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