Nintendo Super Mario Run is a Paid App, Launches on Dec 15 on iOS

Super Mario Run

The iconic, retro video game hero is about to make his big debut in the smartphone, tablet market with Nintendo Super Mario Run.

Surprisingly, the game will not be a free app with in-app purchases but rather comes with a clear price tag.

Super Mario Run Paid App

When Nintendo announced their decision to expand their presence in the smartphone platform, people were excited. Creating a game that actually looks and plays properly on smartphones is no easy task. Besides, all the bells and whistles associated with any console game cannot be simply ported onto these handheld devices. Nintendo was well aware of these obstacles and decided to go with the most tested game genre that mobile gamers love. In the lines of Temple Run and Subway Surfer, Super Mario Run will be the classic game but instead of controls, he will go on an endless run collecting coins.

In their blog post, Nintendo confirmed that Super Mario Run will be available for play from Dec 15th onwards. The way the company intends to sell the game is something new and probably feel bit confusing for people. You can actually download it instantly from the App store on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to start playing. However, in order to unlock all three game modes, it is mandatory to pay $9.99 which will unlock the entire game with no hidden costs or pay to win style.

Instead of going with a free to play style, Super Mario Run will have a demo which is what you download for free from the app store. All three modes can be experienced in samples before paying for the full game. The game will run on all devices that support iOS 8.0 or higher. The game will be available in 151 countries on launch and supports a wide choice of languages including Russian, French, Italian, Chinese among few others.

Nintendo Super Mario Run

During the launch, Nintendo’s head said that playing Super Mario Run is super easy and fun. All it requires is a tap to make Mario jump as he will continue running in the same direction till the end. You can tap to jump, make special moves, collect coins and fight enemies to score the highest. There will be a leaderboard which will be updated regularly to encourage other players to beat the score. The game will eventually get launched on Android devices but there’s no confirmed release date for the same.

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