More Trouble for Samsung as Galaxy S7 Explodes in Man’s Face

Galaxy S7 Edge

Even before Samsung finds the answer to the Galaxy Note 7 crisis, there seems to be an even bigger problem to deal with for the South Korean tech giant.

According to the latest reports, a Canadian a man holding a Samsung Galaxy S7 is lucky to still be able to see properly after the phone did a Galaxy Note 7. Apparently, the 8-month-old flagship was in Amarjit Mann’s pocket when he was driving. At some point, Amarjit started feeling his pocket get warmer and warmer. Out of curiosity, he reached for his pocked and pulled out the phone and the phone exploded in his hand almost immediately, with sparks from the reaction hitting his cheek.

The victim explains that this incident is nothing you can expect at any time in life and such, it felt like a nightmare to him. Had the phone been on his ear, he would have had his face burnt. He even goes to the extreme to term the Galaxy S7 as “a bomb you can carry” in your pocket.

Samsung Galaxy S7

As mentioned at the beginning, Samsung is yet to come to terms with the issues facing the Galaxy Note 7. Now that there is a Galaxy S7 issue that has caught the attention of the media, it may mean more trouble for the Korean tech giant. Mr. Mann has vowed to pursue the case for the pain caused to him. Being a mechanic, he might also demand to be compensated for his lost wages since he will be out of work for at least eight days as his hands heal.

Sometime back, a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge was reported to have faced the same issue as the Note 7. Just recently, a similar case happened with the Samsung Galaxy J5, which is a first ever for the 2015 handset. Where is this leading to? Well, only time will tell. Maybe Samsung has something bigger it needs to check in its entire production line. Samsung has not yet come in with an official statement, but it should happen very soon.

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