Nintendo Super Mario Run will Beat Pokemon Go with 56% More Early Downloads

Nintendo Super Mario Run

Nintendo is about to unleash its powerful first party title on the mobile platforms and surveys already predict that it could be the biggest iPhone launch ever in recent years.

A couple of months ago, Nintendo shared their idea to expand their horizons and move into new territory. The new Switch hybrid console will embrace Unreal engine based games and if it does, it could be the best console the company had since the days of Wii. Super Mario Run on mobile devices is equally enticing and a industry intelligence firm, Sensor Tower has already predicted that the game will witness 50 million downloads in the first month of the launch. It doesn’t take Android devices into account and if we do, probably based on these numbers it could be more than 100 million.

Nintendo Super Mario Run

However, to keep things under control and not be ridden with critic feedbacks, Nintendo is taking one step at a time. Launching Super Mario Run on both iOS and Android devices at the same time could cause complete chaos. Obviously, they have bugs to fix and content quality to maintain which prompted the developers to focus on one platform at a time.

According to the report generated by Sensor Tower, Pokemon Go had a massive opening and managed to pull in 32 million downloads on its first month. The augmented reality game was a refreshing change as it forced you to go out of your home to play it. It’s innovative idea made it popular but Nintendo’s Super Mario Run is going with a much simpler context.

The game is hugely inspired by endless runner games like Temple Run and Subway Surfers. However, it does have levels and you can unlock them all by paying a small cost. The paid system is a welcome relief as it will ensure you can play the game without having to spend a fortune or be spammed with advertisements. Besides, Nintendo chief confirmed that it is designed to be played with a thumb. You can hold the phone in your hand and do a variety of actions by simply tapping or swiping your thumb in a direction.

Super Mario Run Beat Pokemon Go

The mobile gaming industry is pegged at $36.6 billion but despite the positive statistics, the survey team says Super Mario Run may or may not make as much money as Pokemon Go. The game requires $10 to unlock all levels and it is the primary revenue for the developers. Pokemon Go made about $143 million in its first month.

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