Nintendo Switch Beats PS4 Sales in Japan, Sells 1.5 Million Units

Nintendo Switch Beats PS4 in Japan, Sells 1.5 Million Units

The Nintendo Switch console is a runaway success for the brand because despite the underpowered hardware and the expensive price tag at $300, the console has managed to be a huge seller in their home market, Japan.

The competing home console, the PS4 has lost the race for now because the Switch which got launched back in March this year has sold 1.5 million units. It officially beats the record set by the Sony console when it got launched in 2013. While the long run is something that we can confirm only after witnessing sales throughout the year, initial sales seem to be very favorable for Nintendo so far.

Comparing the hybrid Switch with the powerful PS4 console is not fair because both of them cater to completely different audience. Besides, the Playstation 4 has already expanded further with the PS4 Pro and has a whole lot of AAA titles whereas the competitor is still in its early stages. After 26 weeks in Japan, the Nintendo Switch has sold about 1.5 million units whereas the PS4 did just 665,000 units within the same period back in 2013.

Nintendo Switch

The report comes from a Japanese website and it is mighty surprising to see that an extremely powerful device like the Playstation 4 has lost the race to a relatively new device. Besides, Sony is not only popular in Japan but is one of the prime competitors in US, UK among other regions of the world when it comes to console gaming. The system provides a tough competition to Microsoft’s Xbox One console and has been in the lead for many years now.

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According to industry experts, the strength of the hybrid console lies in the fact that it is not stuck to the television with a cord. Rather, players have the freedom to take their device wherever they go with the ability to play games like Legend of Zelda Breath of Wild and Super Mario Kart on the go. Besides, they can even remove the controls allowing two players to enjoy gaming on the same screen.

Nintendo Switch Beats PS4 Sales in Japan

A bunch of Nintendo Switch exclusive titles are also available now that further enhances the gaming experience. The PS4 on the other hand is purely a home console equipped with the best hardware but is limited to a television and doesn’t offer on the go gameplay. While Sony had its own PS Vita handheld console, the company failed to support it. If they had provided it the much needed games, it would have been an equal competitor for the Nintendo Switch when it got launched.

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