Whatsapp Rolling Out Text Statuses for iOS Users


Text status message is not a relatively new concept for Whatsapp Android users as the feature is available for some time now.

However, Whatsapp iOS users who didn’t receive it so far will do so now as the developers are rolling it out in batches.

Considering the large number of users on the Android operating system, developers of Whatsapp have often focused on the Google powered OS first before they turn their attention to Apple devices. Recently, the company introduced verified business and other enterprise specific features for the chat application. When it was first rolled out, there was no word on whether it would find its way to iOS devices but later they confirmed that Apple users will be able to make use of the feature as well.

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Upcoming Whatsapp Features

Soon, the app will receive multiple useful features including the ability to share location, pin chats so as to find them easier at a later time and verified business communications. Each one of these features will make the app much better and more reliable than it has been so far. However, text status messages are more of a gimmick using which you can send some quirky text messages to your friends or family. They can view it and comment on your status messages.

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The feature is similar to how people create status messages on Facebook and for a mobile app like Whatsapp, it doesn’t make much sense. Yet, having the ability to post status updates using videos, gifs, images and now text seems to be an okay addition. Previously, the app supported status messages where you post something and people will be able to read them.

Whatsapp Text Statuses for iOS

Engaging People with Text Statuses

The developers are trying their best to make it more interactive and engage the audience. The gif, image status feature failed big time as users were hardly interested in updating one other app among the tens of social media pages where they remain active throughout the day. Whatsapp iOS users are now receiving text status messages and according to sources, the rollout is very slow. It is being done in bits and parts as the developers want to ensure it doesn’t create any bugs on Apple devices.

Features like location sharing and verified business may not be rolled out anytime soon as the developers behind Whatsapp are still working on making it compatible with all devices before they roll it out, to iOS and Android platforms.

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