Nintendo Switch Could be Priced Too Close to PS4 Slim and Xbox One S

Nintendo Switch

When you have some cash and planning to invest in a console, it’s obvious that you need a powerful machine within your budget.

The Nintendo Switch could probably deliver in this regard only if you own a current generation home console and is looking for a handheld device.

Nintendo recently revealed their new Switch hybrid console which is mostly a handheld device but has a dock that allows it to be connected to the television and enjoy full screen gaming. Official pricing and launch lineup for the device won’t be released until January 2017. We expect the device to be available by the mid of next year but it has the opportunity to prove to be successful only if the company prices it right.

Nintendo Switch

Discussing about a possible price tag, the company’s new president Tatsumi Kimishima commented that the new console will be priced on par with their earlier devices. Players can expect the Switch to be in line with any Nintendo device in terms of pricing. The Wii was launched at an affordable $250 that convinced a lot of players to go for it while the Wii U was slightly higher at $300. Both these consoles competed with Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s Playstation devices.

Innovative design and gameplay ensured Wii was a massive success despite the lack of titles on the platform. The Wii U however was a major failure in Nintendo history not just because of pricing but also for lack of game titles and third party support. The Switch hybrid console could probably face such a scenario if it is priced at $300. It will directly compete against the newly launched PS4 Slim and Xbox One S consoles.

With holiday season closeby, most players would have invested in one of the ecosystem before the end of 2016. Major deals are up ahead during Black Friday this month and once more to make shoppers go on a spending spree during holiday season. Convincing gamers to go for a smaller, less powerful console for $300 at launch could be a tough call for Nintendo, especially with very little launch games as far as we know. It does have new Super Mario 8, Zelda and possibly Skyrim.

PS4 Slim and Xbox One S

Third party games are mandatory for the brand to stay relevant but even when they do so, it will still be less powerful than Xbox One S and PS4 Slim. Nintendo Switch if priced at $250 or maybe $199 with some amazing games could make it a runaway success like the Wii. Will Nintendo do it so that they don’t become obsolete?

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