Pokemon Go Developers Plan to Offer Daily Bonuses to Bring Players Back

pokemon go daily bonus

Developers of Pokemon Go, Niantic labs and the company behind this grand venture Nintendo enjoyed some unprecedented level of success with their game.

The innovation was simply superb and it finally got players to come out of their homes for a walk. While they were obviously having their smartphone in their hands, trying to find a creature and grab it using the game, it was a welcome addition to see people coming out of the confines of their home. The wow factor lasted for a very short period as people got eventually bored of the game after catching some of the pokemons. Adding woes to the problem, Niantic had a lot of server issues and the title was not launched in many countries.

Pokemon Go Daily Bonuses

By now, majority of the problems associated with Pokemon Go is fixed and the game is in a much better place. Despite these updates, players are not willing to come back to play the game. As a gamer suggested, even though he goes out all the time as he used to, there is no urge to open his phone and get going with the game. Developer Niantic labs is planning to fix this by offering daily bonuses to bring players onboard again and create the much needed hype.

But, there is a catch as always! Like many other apps and games out there, you can’t simply open the Pokemon Go app and touch an icon to receive these daily bonuses. Instead, the game requests you to do some specific tasks to be eligible for the bonus to make it more competitive. Some tasks include catching a particular pokemon or paying a visit to the pokestop. When you complete these tasks successfully, the game will grant you XP and Stardust. When you successfully accomplish all these tasks for seven day in a row, it leads to bigger rewards, items and XP.

A simple rewards breakdown chart says players will receive 500 XP and 600 Stardust for catching a pokemon. If they continue to do the same for seven whole days, they get 2,000 XP and 2,400 Stardust. When you seven a pokestop to spin the photo disc for seven days, you get new items along with 2,000 XP. Doing it for a single day grants 500 XP which is not bad!

pokemon go daily bonus

Niantic confirmed that the new update for Pokemon Go will be rolled out in the following days. There is no confirmed release date for the same. The developers launched a Halloween event that gave some mileage to the game and the new daily XP feature should boost it even further.

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