Nintendo Switch Joy Con Connectivity Issues Continue, Lag and Signal Drop Reported

Nintendo Switch Joy Con controllers

The Nintendo Switch console got launched just this month and its innovative Joy Con controllers already have trouble connecting with the console base.

Going out of the box has been an easy affair for Nintendo and they did a fairly amazing job with the motion sensor Wii controllers. The Wii U had a large gamepad and the Switch pushes things further by being easily detachable. So far, reports from gamers claim that the left Joy Con is the one that has been causing continuous trouble. The company already identified the issue and released a software patch.

Nintendo Switch Joy Con

It didn’t fix it completely as expected and those who were able to test the console in Japan confirmed the same. The left controller fails to respond mostly when the console is connected to the base and is in TV mode. They frequently drop connection, lag during a gameplay or suddenly become unresponsive while gaming. Another gamer reported that when a person blocks the devices they fail to communicate for a short period before gaining connectivity again.

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The forums also confirmed that not every user who were able to get their hands on the Nintendo Switch console experienced it. A bunch of gamers both in North America and Japan have reported this issue which seems to be going nowhere at the moment. Konami, developers of Super Bomberman R identified the lag problem. The team suggested that gamers should playing the game either on handheld mode by manually connecting the Joy Cons or use the tabletop mode. It clearly confirmed that the TV mode seems to have this problem at large.

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The gamers aren’t the only people who have been complaining because when top reviewers had the chance to play the Switch, they had periodical disconnection problems with the left Joy Con. It doesn’t mean that the right controller would work plausibly because except for the infra red pointer and the NFC chip, everything about the left and right controller is the same. Any issue found on one of them will eventually happen with the other one as well.

Nintendo Switch Joy Con controllers

Nintendo didn’t comment on it yet. Hardware issues on newly launched consoles aren’t new yet Switch owners might be frustrated as they are unable to experience the seamless TV and handheld mode as advertised by the company in their advertisements. Add the increased price tag, limited game titles and graphics, those who got the console could be pretty annoyed at this moment.

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