Nintendo Switch Update Fixes Battery Indicator Issue and Brings Improvements

Nintendo Switch Update

The new Nintendo Switch update 3.0.1 has been rolled out and along with it brings a series of updates including the one that fixes the battery indicator bug.

The company in their official blog post confirmed that general system stability has been vastly improved so as to make the Switch seamless and easy to use. The handheld, home console is a hybrid which leads to more software bugs than one would find on a typical home console. According to the post made by multiple users, it has been confirmed that many faced the battery indicator issue. Whenever users removed and replaced the battery, the console was not able to properly predict the remaining battery. It’s indicator confused most users that they either ended up changing a full battery or didn’t knew the console is going to switch off any time soon.

Nintendo Switch Update system

The developers have been working to find a fix for the same and has finally rolled out the 3.0.1 update. While they have mentioned that it provides general improvements, Nintendo page didn’t list the type of improvements one would be able to see in the console after users download the same. The console has been slowly improving on many fronts ever since the launch date. Compared to how it was on launch date, a lot of new features had been added and new games are rolled out.

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With still months to go before the year ends, newer titles will make Nintendo Switch a powerful and reliable console. Resident Evil 1 and 2 is coming to the device whereas some important and easy to port titles are not coming owing to Nintendo’s lukewarm support for third party titles. Currently, the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild and Splatoon 2 are the most popular titles of them all.

Nintendo Switch

If you haven’t downloaded the new update for the Nintendo Switch console yet, you can directly head to the system settings page. Within the interface, there is an option named the system update which will provide you option to click to start the download. In most scenarios, the Switch console is designed to download the update whenever it gets connected to a wireless internet connection. Over 4.7 million Switch units had been sold so far making it the most successful console for Nintendo after the Wii U debacle. More updates are expected to be rolled out in due time.

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