Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Makeover in Coral Blue  – Fit for Mermaids – But Will Fans be Satisfied?

Coral Blue Galaxy S7 Edge

Samsung Galaxy has introduced the S7 Edge with a makeover in Coral Blue, fit for mermaids. However, will its fans be satisfied?

Samsung has Task Cut Out

After the debacle of the Note 7, the company has its task cut out for its reputation is on the line. Samsung has to work hard to redeem its name in the eyes of fans and consumers. The new coral blue option for the S7 Edge is surely stylish option, but can it make fans happy?

Galaxy S7 Edge Coral Blue

Coral Blue S7 Edge

The new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge in Coral Blue is now available and will probably hit the stores in some countries, including Singapore, on the 5th of November.  The new option will be available in Taiwan and the pictures offered by the company surely look awesome. However, it is doubtful whether the loyalists will be satisfied by the new offer. Many of the Note 7 owners are now turning in their phones and they might opt for the Coral Blue phone. The specs of the S7 Edge are nearly equal to the defamed Note 7, but a little lower, though the difference is negligible.

Tremendous Pressure

Samsung released its earnings this week and it was seen that the company has been adversely affected by the debacle of the Note 7. The company is now under pressure to do everything that it possibly can for making up these losses. This includes the strategy of revisiting the current smartphones and also making the upcoming phones of 2917 into ones which fans will look forward to.

Release Rescheduled

According to one Samsung official’s statement to the ET News of Korea, the S7 Edge in Coral Blue option will be launched in Korea on the 4th of November. However, only the 32 GB version will be launched on the 5th of November in Singapore. As for other markets and regions of the world, they will need to wait some more time. The supply situation has resulted in a change in the release date schedule of the different countries.

Focusing on S7 Edge

With the Note 7 off the sales, Samsung is now focusing on the S7 Edge, as it is the only flagship offering till the next S8 arrives in 2017. Judging from the images that have been leaked earlier on, the Blue Coral version of the S7 Edge will be the same as the Note 7 blue version with golden hues seen on the side. Samsung will try to make the phones available in several markets, because this is the only way it can make up for the fact that there is no other flagship phone it is offering this year.

Coral Blue Galaxy S7 Edge

S7 Options

It is not clear whether the S7 will also be offered in blue color, as the S7 Edge is more popular among people who are exchanging their Note 7 for any Samsung phone. In short, Samsung is trying its best to make up for the disaster of the Note 7 and thus, pushing the older devices in new makeovers.

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