Nokia 7,8 and 9 and Nokia Accessories Expected Soon : No Plans for Android Tablets

Nokia 8

It is expected that Nokia will soon be launching its branded accessories along with the next Nokia phones, Nokia 7, Nokia 8 and 9.

Nokia Relaunch

The Nokia brand has at last returned to the smartphone market with the release of the Nokia 3, the Nokia 5, the Nokia 6 and the Nokia 3310 this year. However, the Nokia 4 is missing, as the number is a bad omen in China and a few other countries in Asia.

Nokia Relaunch

Positive Response

The above phones will be available in several countries by the end of this month. However, though these phones mark the relaunch of Nokia, they are not very interesting for many c customers. The response was positive and HMD Global is having a tough time in supplying the stock to several carriers as well as retailers all over the world.

Second Batch

It is also expected that Nokia will be releasing a fresh or second batch of smartphones to eager fans. The Nokia 9 is an upcoming flagship device from the company. The next releases will also include the Nokia 7 and the Nokia 8.

No Android Tabs

However, there are no plans to release Nokia Android tablets. Many fans might be disappointed to hear this news, as they were awaiting a Nokia Android tab very eagerly. The Nokia N1 tab was very popular in China, when first available in 2014. However, it was sold only in China. The Marketing Director of HMD Global, PekkaRantala, has revealed that Nokia is only focusing on releasing smartphones and will not be offering an Android tablet this year.

Branded Accessories

PekkaRantala also added that Nokia would be offering its branded Nokia accessories.

More about Nokia 9

It is rumored that the upcoming flagship smartphone, Nokia 9, will come with a 5.3 inches QHD screen display. The Snapdragon 835 processor will power the phone. There will be two RAM variants of 6 GB and also 8 GB. There will be dual rear cameras of 13 MP. Some of the leaked images of the Nokia 9 also reveal the above specifications. There are speculations that the Nokia 9 will be revealed in the third quarter of this year. It will probably be priced at around $699 for the US markets and at around 749 EUR for the European markets, according to the rumor mills.

The Nokia 9 will probably be the first Nokia smartphone coming with Nokia OZO Audio features.

Nokia 9

Nokia 7 and Nokia 8

There are also rumors that Nokia will also be releasing the Nokia 7 and the Nokia 8 this year. The Finnish smartphone company will also be offering some new feature phones. These have already been seen at TENAA, which is the telecom regulatory service of China.

The Nokia 7,8 and Nokia 9 have been seen on Geekbench along with the Unknown Heart, showing the key specifications. All the smartphones have the same Unknown Heart title, but come with different specs.

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