Now, You can Reply to Messages on Facebook Messenger by Using Android Auto Mobile Application

Facebook Messenger

Facebook has started to deliver a new update for its Messenger application that is available via the Google Play Store.

In addition to the usual profusion of stability improvements and bug fixes, the latest upgrade allows the users to both listen and also to respond to the messages by using the Android Auto application while driving. The integration of Facebook Messenger with the Android Auto mobile application enables the people behind the steering wheel to listen and to reply to messages just by using voice commands.

Android Auto Mobile App

The Android Auto mobile application allows the drivers to access features like music, navigation and messaging, more safely and easily while driving on the roads, by using a mobile app or with a supported built-in vehicle display. Once the latest version of Facebook Messenger has been installed on their smartphone, the users will be able to notice its distinguishing icon that will appear on the dashboard screen of their car when their handset is connected to their entertainment system, or when the new standalone Android Auto mobile application is opened.

What is Android Auto

Two years ago, Google had created a pretty cool idea of the Android Auto, which allows the users to connect their smartphones to the infotainment system of their cars to control playing of music and to answer calls by using the ‘OK Google’ voice commands, without having to open their mobile handsets. The Android Auto mobile application comes with an oversized interface which makes it easier to browse while driving on the roads. Apart from controlling music and replying to messages, the Android Auto application also allows using the Maps to get navigation directions. The application should be paired to the car’s infotainment system via Bluetooth which is supported by the car’s mounts and it will start up automatically.

Here Is How It Works

To match their footsteps with those of Google Hangouts and with WhatsApp, the users will now be able to receive incoming messages which can be read back to them over the car’s speakers while they are driving their car. Once the Messenger is installed on the Android Auto device, the people can listen and respond to messages via the Android Auto mobile app or through the supported car display. By just touching the speaker icon, the messages will be read aloud. The users will be provided with an option to reply or to send a message on Messenger by using Android Auto voice commands, which does not involve any typing. Also, there will be an option where they can reply with a pre-recorded response like “I’m driving right now” or they can also spell out something more personal.

Though it is not a huge update by any means, the addition of this new functionality will still prove to be very useful for those people who use Facebook Messenger as their primary method of communication. And the best part is that they will no longer have an excuse to fiddle around with their mobile phones when they are behind the wheel, at a time wherein they should be focusing on driving.

Facebook Messenger

How to Install

For frequent users of Facebook Messenger who wish to install the latest upgrade of the integrated Android Auto mobile application on their smartphone devices, all they have to do is just open up the Google Play Store, swipe in the display from the left-hand side, and then select ‘My Apps,’ followed by a click on Facebook Messenger, and then click on the big, eminent ‘Update’ button and Voila! The Facebook Messenger application integrated with Android Auto is ready to be used in the cars while driving.

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