Porting PC, PS4 or Xbox One Games to Nintendo Switch is Easy, Says Nvidia

Porting PC, PS4 to Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch, the hybrid handheld console has generated enough hype and Nvidia revealed some key details about the device that shows a promising start for a new generation of gaming machines.

Developers always find it hard to bring a game on PS4, Xbox One and PCs at the same time. Last generation consoles had an entirely different architecture but newer versions became more like PCs with X86 architecture. The Nintendo Switch is based on the same which should make it quite easy for developers to port any game onto the handheld device, suggested Jen Hsun Huang, CEO of Nvidia during the company’s recent investors meet.

Nintendo Switch

“It is great to see the overall quality of games improve over the years and it’s all possible because of improved hardware. Nintendo Switch will be on par with modern day consoles and even though it uses an ARM Nvidia chip, the base architecture is the same which make it easier to port games. With a common code base, developers can increase production quality and value of games,” said Huang.

It is a known fact that every last game is built on PCs and later ported to Playstation 4, Xbox One platforms. Sony’s new PS4 Pro console has already created an alternative, powerful choice for gamers to play in 4K. Xbox Scorpio from Microsoft is scheduled to get launched in 2017. With so many platforms to cater to, it is no easy job to bring games to them all and ensure they run properly. Nvidia head’s comment suggests that it may not be so complicated after all.

Besides, good news is with such easy to port option, Nintendo Switch might receive a lot of great third party titles we crave for. People buy their consoles Wii and Wii U primarily for first party games because they have never had all the big games from PCs or consoles on it. However, with so many indie titles on Steam and some amazing choices on PS4, Xbox One, it is time to make the Switch exciting. It could be the PS Vita that Sony missed to deliver with an amazing catalog of games to play with.

Porting PC, PS4 to Nintendo Switch

Being able to play at home and continue the same on the go is a brand new idea. If Nintendo could promise on their delivery with game choices and a reasonable pricing, Switch could witness amazing success just as the innovative Wii platform did.

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