One Plus 3T – Reasonable Alternative to the iPhone 7 Plus or Pixel XL – One Plus 3T Gives Leading Phones a Run for Their Money

One Plus 3T camera

The Chinese manufacturer will soon release the One Plus 3T, which will actually offer consumers a reasonable and budget friendly option to the iPhone 7 Plus or the Pixel XL.

Competing with Giants

The latest One Plus 3T can offer a budget based competition to the iPhone 7 Plus or the Pixel XL, from Apple and Google respectively. These two phones are available right now, whereas the One Plus 3T is yet to be released.

iPhone 7 Plus and Pixel XL

Display Difference

All the three smartphones come with a large 5.5 inches touchscreen. However the iPhone 7 Plus offers an IPS, LCD display with oleophobic coating. On the other hand, the One Plus 3T and the Pixel XL come with an overlay of Gorilla Glass 4 on the AMOLED display for the Pixel XL and for the One Plus 3T.

The Apple device has HD resolution, with LED backlit feature and a 3 D Touch for the display. One Plus 3T comes with the latest technology of Optic and an HD resolution, whereas the Pixel comes with a QHD resolution.

Hardware Compared

The Pixel XL and One Plus 3T have the quad core Snapdragon, 821, which is the latest one. It clocks at a speed of 2.15 for the Pixel XL and a higher 2.35 in case of the One Plus 3T. The iPhone is in the middle of these two with a quad core, A10 Fusion processor, clocking at a speed of 2.23 GHz.

Performance and Storage

The One Plus 3T offers excellent multitasking capabilities and comes with a RAM of 6 GB combined with two options of internal storage, 64 GB and 128 GB. As for the Pixel XL, it has a RAM of 4 GB and the iPhone comes with a smaller RAM of 3 GB. The Pixel XL comes with two options of internal storage, 32 GB and the 128 GB version. The iPhone 7 Plus has three versions of internal storage, 32 GB along with the 128 GB variant and the 256 GB variant. There is no microSD card slot for all of these phones, but Pixel XL owners can access unlimited storage offered by Google for photos or videos.

Cameras Compared

The One Plus 3T comes with a 13 MP lens for the front as well as rear camera, along with OIS and support for LED flash. As far as the iPhone 7 Plus camera is concerned, it is best known for the dual 12 MP lens having quad LED flash. The Pixel has a rear camera of 12 MP, with dual, LED flash and a selfie camera of 8 MP.

One Plus 3T camera

Battery Capacity

The Pixel XL has a battery powered at 3450 mAh and the One Plus 3T comes with a 3400 mAh battery, both of which are sufficient for powering the phones. The iPhone 7 Plus has a smaller battery of 2900 mAh. The trio of phones comes with a fingerprint sensor that is embedded and offers quick battery charging features.

To sum up, though the Pixel XL and the iPhone 7 Plus are excellent devices, the One Plus 3T will surely give them a run for their money, especially considering the price, in budget terms.

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