OnePlus 3 OTA Update Rollout Continues after Slight Delay

OnePlus 3 OTA

OnePlus 3 is no more than a month old but it is already receiving an OTA update that is meant to take care of some issues related to software.

The flagship has some of the best hardware specs you can find on a smartphone at the moment, among them sRGB screen as well as 6GB of RAM. However, some early buyers of the phone have already aired their dissatisfaction with the company’s approach as far as RAM management is concerned. Apparently, the 6GB of RAM assigned to the device did not come to full use, with the Chinese OEM claiming that it made this tweak purposely so as to keep the battery usage checked.

There were also issues to do with an inactive sRGB mode for the phone’s display, something that the company promised to take care of with an OTA update. While OnePlus lived up to its promise to roll out the OTA update, something happened along the way that forced the company to stop the rollout.

In what the company calls a “minor incident,” it was reported that some people were having problems with the installation of the new OxygenOS 3.2. In order to ensure that every owner of the OnePlus 3 was having the same experience when downloading and updating their devices with the latest software, the company moved in to halt the update and fix the pending issues.

As it seems, OnePlus has effectively dealt with these issues and now everything is back to normal. In fact, the company further adds that the new update also comes in with a number of improvements, which will now come together with the original release.

OnePlus 3 OTA Update

Some of the changes that OxygenOS 3.2 brings to OnePlus 3 include the ability to enable sRGB mode via the developer options, better RAM management, better GPS performance, updated custom icon packs, better audio playback quality, better camera performance, as well as fixes related to notifications, gallery and the Music and Clock apps. The new OTA update will also see the OnePlus 3 receive the latest Android security patch.

Since the update is an OTA, it will be rolling out in stages. This means not all OnePlus 3 units will receive the update at the same time. So, maintain your patience and soon you will see an OTA notification show up on your phone, after which you will download and install the update. This wait shouldn’t be long.

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