OnePlus 3 Starts Receiving OxygenOS 3.2 Update – Check out the details

OnePlus 3 Update Set to Bring sRGB

OnePlus 3 was launched less than a month ago, having been in the rumor mill for months. Arguably the best flagship killer out there, the phone had been anticipated by many and when it finally came out, it was indeed a monster.

However, one thing that seemed to let the phone down was its issues with software. As a result, the company announced that it will soon be coming in with an update that will take care of the issues. One of the issues that the OTA update was meant to take care of was to do with the OnePlus 3 RAM management. The phone comes with a massive RAM of 6GB, but apparently, the company’s design with respect to how the phone is supposed to manage the RAM leaves a lot of it unused, something that defeated the purpose of having such huge RAM.

Apparently, OnePlus did this intentionally with the reasoning behind it being that it saves more battery life. Following complaints put forward by early adopters of the OnePlus 3 smartphone, the company has finally decided to roll out an OTA update to solve the issue of RAM management as well as others related to software.

All units of the OnePlus 3 running on OxygenOS are currently receiving version 3.2, which weighs about 396MB. Once this OxygenOS 3.2 is installed, users of the OnePlus flagship will notice some significant changes, among them, improved RAM management, enhanced quality of audio playback, better GPS performance, enhanced camera functionality, updated custom icon packs as well as enabled sRGB display mode. As usual, the update also brings a number of fixes to issues from the initial release, among them gallery, notifications, clock as well as music apps’ bugs. As it seems, the sRGB mode can only be shot to life via the Developer options.

OnePlus 3 OTA

Just as a reminder, the flagship killer OnePlus 3 comes with killer specs. It packs a 5.5-inch Full HD Optic AMOLED screen with 1080p resolution. Under the hood, there is a Snapdragon 820 SoC that is backed with an Adreno 530 GPU and a RAM of 6GB. There is no room for a microSD card, but you get a decent onboard storage of 64GB.

Camera-wise, the OnePlus 3 flagship has a 16MP rear sensor and 8MP front snapper, all of which are great at what they do. To keep the phone alive, OnePlus went for a 3000mAh battery unit, which is not removable, but supports Dash Charge, which is just another form of fast charging technology. As for the software, OnePlus 3 is powered by Android 6.0 Marshmallow, with OxygenOS on top of it.

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