Xbox One Can Now Red Dead Redemption And DLCs With Backwards Compatibility

Xbox One Red Dead Redemption

Xbox One backwards compatibility mode now has an increasingly large library of games transferred from the Xbox 360 console. The newest game to join the lot is the popular adventure game Red Dead Redemption.

The console exclusive title witnessed immense success on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles. It is evident that players wanted to enjoy the game on their new generation console without having to meddle with their dead Xbox 360 machine. Microsoft has answered their questions by launching Red Dead Redemption on the Xbox One console today along with a host of popular DLCs available for the game.

For players who already have the title as part of their Games on Demand collection, the game will show up in the download list. If you own a physical disc of the same, just insert it into the console and the files required will be downloaded off the internet. Players who are already part of the Xbox Live gold membership can purchase the re-worked version of the game in the online store for a discounted price of £6.24 while others have to shell out £8.74. Buying the game again makes sense only for those who haven’t played it and would like to enjoy the experience on a more powerful platform.

Red Dead Redemption

At least 7.5 gigabytes of free space is required on the hard drive to install and play Red Dead Redemption. Compared to the Xbox 360 version of the game which required 6.73 gigabytes, this is a slight increase in space. Possibly, files that are required to run an emulator on the inside and make the older files compatible with the new architecture Microsoft has developed.

The developers have done a good job by making the DLCs for the game title free to download. All the most downloaded packs including the Killers pack, Liars Cheats pack, Myths and Mavericks pack along with the That’s the Legends pack. The Outlaws to the End co-op mission pack, Hunting and Trading outfits pack among every other DLC is available for free except for the Undead Nightmare expansion pack.

While all DLCs work with the Xbox One console, if you like to play the Undead Nightmare pack, you have to purchase it for £6.75. For any new player who is going to check out Red Dead Redemption, the DLC Pack is definitely worth the investment. When you buy, make sure not to go for Undead Nightmare collection as it charges you for the free packs as well.

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