Overwatch Competitive Mode Glitch Wrongly Penalizes Players For Quitting

Overwatch Competitive Mode

Competitive mode in Overwatch is the most talked about topic among fans of the game because it brought along a lot of issues that annoyed them to the core.

Those who enjoyed the game in the casual setting didn’t enjoy it so much when competitive mode was rolled out. Everything is serious about this particular mode. It needs no introduction for people who play Dota 2 or League of Legends where rules are strict, matches are fierce against tough opponents and penalties are high. A similar situation is now being faced by Overwatch gamers who had to face penalties for no mistake of theirs.

When a player disconnects from a match in the competitive mode, the game assesses that as an abandon and penalizes them. They have a negative impact on the skill rating and will mark the game as a loss. However, there is an option for players to get back into the game within a limited period. When they do so, there should be no issues at all. An issue in the game has been penalizing players even if they managed to get back into the match in time.


Players who disconnect and then come back to win the match are being marked with a loss. Those who were already agitated by the fierce tension in the competitive mode find it extremely annoying to lose their ratings and lose the game despite having to play it through the hour. Jeff Kaplan, director of Overwatch commented on Twitter that a fix will be rolled out in the following week.

As always, the director didn’t have an actual reason or explanation of why such things would happen. Kaplan has always maintained silence when it comes to answering gamers. He probably didn’t wish to comment so as to avoid any backlash on the same. In an earlier update, he claimed that there are many heroes and maps the team created. Many of them may never get launched becausethe idea does sound good on paper but doesn’t convert the same in the game.

Overwatch is currently in its most experimental stage. The immense popularity has led to its success but there are so many practical issues the developers are facing. When they manage to fix them all, they can focus on making it better with new heroes, maps and gameplay content. There are plenty of modes to choose from and things have been going well for Blizzard so far.

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