OnePlus 5T gets a launch date, same as the OnePlus 3T

OnePlus 5T

In a similar fashion to 2016, OnePlus is getting ready to unveil a new phone dubbed OnePlus 5T, only five months after releasing the original OnePlus 5.

Last year, the company enjoyed one of the best streaks in the smartphone business thanks to the OnePlus 3. Just as many were getting to like the phone, OnePlus surprised many by announcing a slightly upgraded OnePlus 3T, something that was met with mixed reactions. Some of those who had just bought the original OnePlus 3 had not even flaunted the phone to their mates and there was already a new version in town.

Well, the story is not so different a year later, with reports that OnePlus 5T may be unveiled on November 16, the same time the 3T was unveiled. It took the 3T only a few days and it was already selling in the U.S. and other markets. Whether this will be the case for the rumored 5T is still unknown, but you can rest assured that there’s indeed a new phone coming from OnePlus.

Not so long ago, OppoMart published details of what we can expect when the OnePlus 5T comes around a few weeks from now, including the pricing. While the retailer is not to be trusted with such details based on its track record, the latest development seems to slightly validate the previous report, especially on the aspect of the release date.

OnePlus 5T

The Oppo Mart listing had claimed that the OnePlus 5T will ship by end of November and based on the latest, it’s indeed possible that this will be the case. The phone’s leaked materials point towards an Amazon Exclusive, suggesting that the launch event could take place in India, the second largest smartphone market in the world behind China.

The render used in the promotional material shows off a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner, just like what rumors have previously pointed to. There isn’t much on show with respect to the specs and features, but if it’s true the phone will be unveiled on the said date, we should be getting more details on about the phone in the coming days.


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