Overwatch 2 Community Manager Responds To Players Asking for Beta Information

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It has been more than two years since Overwatch 2 was announced.

So, it is quite natural for gamers to look forward to information about the game from time to time. While Overwatch came out in the year 2016, there is no clarity about the release date of Overwatch 2 yet. According to rumors, there is a chance of it releasing in summer 2022 but no official confirmation has been provided on it so far.

Recently, Community Manager AndyBreached out to the fans and offered some clarity on beta information and Overwatch tournaments. Fans have been looking forward to the launch of an Overwatch 2 beta for quite a long time and recently, using a particular thread, expressed their concerns over the Overwatch Empowerment Cup.

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AndyB told the fans that the developing team of Overwatch 2 is well-aware of the fact that a large number of fans are hunting for information pertaining to the game. In the same breath, he added that the team is not ready to make any announcement at the moment. Many fans felt dejected by this statement as they are of the opinion that in order to ensure that Overwatch fans do not lose trust in the team, it should release important information at regular intervals.

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Replying to this, AndyB stated that the team is hopeful about the fact that when the next announcement, many fans who are unsure of how things are progressing and have been upset with some of the recent developments will be happy.

Some fans have been satisfied with the knowledge of the fact that the developing team is aware of their concerns and not taking their opinions lightly. They also feel that the team will now feel the pressure to make preparations for the next big announcement.

Instead of getting details on various tournaments, fans seem to be more interested in getting relevant information about the game. Many fans are of the opinion that the Overwatch League’s new season, which is scheduled to kickstart on May 5, should be postponed and given a formal release only after Overwatch 2 has been launched. This, they believe, will ensure that a large number of changes are not made at one go.

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A section of the fans is still very upset about the team not releasing information or making announcements at regular intervals but there were many who expressed their gratitude to AndyB for addressing some of the concerns they had for a long time. Though AndyB didn’t share any relevant information about the game, his response did offer comfort to a lot of fans.

Many fans have replied to the statement released by Andy and have made it clear that the one thing that will lead them to trust the brand again is the team releasing more information about it. Even if they get a little bit of information, they collectively stated, they would feel the developmental process of the game is on the right track.

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