Overwatch 2: New Game Modes Could Mark The Comeback Of Some Controversial Maps

overwatch 2

Recently, Overwatch fans have had discussions on multiple online communities on how developers should be given a free hand to upgrade some of the outdated mechanisms in the game.

Fans are of the opinion that if some of the issues with the game are ironed out, its player base would expand significantly.

The publisher also deserves credit for taking note of the feedback given by the fans and working on them. A while back, players had expressed their desire to see loot boxes being driven out of the game. Adhering to fans’ demands, the publisher went ahead and got this done. There have also been improvements made to the crowd control abilities, keeping in mind the wishes of the fans. Based on the feedback given by the players, Overwatch 2 will be given a launch without the inclusion of ‘Assault’, one of the most despised modes in the game, which is also referred to as 2CP from playlists.

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The elimination of this mode will result in players not getting the opportunity to have an interaction with maps that have played an important role in shaping the gameplay of Overwatch. During a recently organized Reddit AMA, fans got an opportunity to ask questions pertaining to the game. This particular AMA session also served as a promotional activity for Overwatch 2 Beta’s second release. During this session, a fan asked about the fate of the 2CP maps of Horizon Lunar Colony, Volskya Industries, Hanamura, Paris and Temple of Anubis.

When a fan asked about the maps that remain unused in Overwatch 2, one of the developers stated that the developing team has been working on several ideas to get some of the 2CP maps redesigned into game modes. Industry experts believe that the Overwatch 2 development team might have plans to redesign the 2CP maps but that is unlikely to happen in the near future. Experts are also of the opinion that any redesign process will be first checked in Arcade mode and then, developed further.

While the 2CP game mode has many fans, a large number of players have criticized it for bringing to the fore several outdated scenarios. Because of the presence of several bugs and design-related problems in this particular mode, many of the maps had to be taken off the Overwatch Competitive map playlist.

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