Overwatch Anniversary Event will End with Double XP Weekend, Starts June 8th

Overwatch Anniversary

Overwatch could get pretty addictive and if you are a long time player of the game, you don’t need this advice.

The game developers Blizzard Entertainment announced the amazing Anniversary event which was one of the best ever in recent times.

It has been a whole year since the title got launched and with every passing month, the game gains more popularity and is moving fast towards becoming a great choice for tournaments. The special event which has been running till now granted players the opportunity to get new cosmetic items, open more loot boxes and acquire as much XP as possible to progress in the game. However, a lot of players complained that it was too rare and next to impossible to come across any of these special cosmetic items.

Overwatch Anniversary Event

As the name clearly identifies, the ultra rare skins were literally rare or kind of non-existent that it annoyed players a lot. Some changes are made to Overwatch since then as confirmed by Jeff Kaplan, the game director. The upcoming weekend will witness double XP for all gamers. Every action of yours will allow you to get more experience points which can be used to unlock more loot boxes and gain items. The double experience event will be open for everyone and for a wide range of actions including completing every match, winning a match, the most time spent in a particular round, medals and much more.

The first win that any player acquires as soon as the double XP weekend opens will be awarded with a massive 1,500 XP. The event commences on June 8th and will go all the way till Monday June 12th. The only catch is that not all gamers might be playing Overwatch day and night because, it also happens to be the same weekend as the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2017. The biggest game show is all set to take place from Friday onwards and will feature Blizzard, Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, Microsoft and Sony taking the stage to make some kickass announcements.

Overwatch Anniversary

Blizzard is expected to take more about Overwatch and the future they have envisioned for this highly competitive shooter which also has some plausible MOBA elements incorporated into it. The company’s upcoming Elder Scrolls game and more rumors float now. Only when the representatives from Blizzard take stage at E3 2017 and make some announcements, we can confirm the titles that are expected to be out before the end of the year along with how Overwatch will be handled in terms of gameplay, tournaments and new heroes.

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