Overwatch Developers Roll Out High Bandwidth Update For Faster Tick Rates


Overwatch is gaining traction with new updates being rolled out every now and then. The developers at Blizzard recently rolled out a new map and now they have launched the high bandwidth update.

The game has a tick rate of 21hz which is what determines who responsive the title is and how fast it can communicate with the servers. In other words, every action you do on your PC or console should be transferred to the server so that it could respond back. If it is slower, there may be a slight lag when shooting opponents and watching them die. Developers of Overwatch has released a long video describing how the new high bandwidth update works.


They explain the changes that have been implemented in the game. The tick rate of Overwatch is quite similar to competitive games like Counter Strike Global Offensive and Battlefield 4. But, it just wasn’t enough that has prompted the developers to go for a 63hz tick rate, one of the highest numbers a multiplayer game could have. The update is available since the mid of August in specific countries which has now been rolled out to gamers around the globe on all platforms, we assume.

A huge advantage that Overwatch players gain with the update is that those with slower internet connections will experience no lag. The number of data packets sent to and fro from the servers is now increased by a significant number. Most players will hardly notice the difference because the gameplay is balanced and the entire bandwidth sharing is done in the background. If your internet is slow, when the data packet is split in to too many parts, it ensures that you can continue to play without witnessing annoying lags.

Overwatch Bandwidth Update

Instead, your PC and the server will share the load. They will try to communicate as many times as possible. Besides, the higher number of packets make it easier to keep the game going rather than trying to send large file sizes. Sending such files will cause lag on slow internet connections. Blizzard developers have fixed it and for those with a high end PC along with a superfast internet, the gaming experience will be just perfect.

You can watch the video to know the other changes they have done and how beneficial this Overwatch high bandwidth update could be for all players onboard. We expect new heroes and more maps to be out before the end of 2016.

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