Range Rover Coupe Ready to Compete Against BMW X6 in 2018

Range Rover

The spy shots have emerged and they confirmed that Range Rover is working on a new coupe ready to compete against the BMW X6 in 2018.

Large coupe based SUVs are plenty but automobile manufacturers aren’t going to stop making new ones. They are working on innovating the variant in all ways and the new coupe is one such entrant. The model was spotted test driving in the European roads. It is obviously far from production but some details are available already. The new car is set to be built on an all-aluminum platform. It is scheduled to get launched in summer 2017.

When it launches, the Range Rover Coupe is going to be a direct competitor for the BMW X6 and Mercedes GLE Coupe. There is no shortage of SUVs in the market and the ones available are good enough to be considered by buyers. However, when there is a new model from one of the reputed manufacturers, people obviously tend to lean towards it out of sheer curiosity. When Range Rover offers more than one could ask for, they may woo buyers into going for their brand. The leaked spy shots show how the car could look but there will probably be some major changes before it enters production.

Range Rover Coupe

Jaguar is not a new entrant to the world of SUVs as they own Land Rover, the biggest luxury sports utility maker in the world. Their F-Pace models have sold amazingly in almost every region even though it caters only to the elite crowd. Inspired by the same, the new Range Rover Coupe is going to be a compact yet powerful and stylish SUV that is meant for the average buyer. We can easily say that it is going to be much more affordable when compared to the F-Pace model offered by Jaguar.

The spy shots show a car which is heavily camouflaged but the sporty style personifies that the model is going to be extremely aerodynamic. They are definitely not focusing on practicality with a plunging roofline and slotted grille. The headlight is swept back similar to the one found in existing Range Rover models.

We couldn’t look into the interior design but based on information available, it is evident that Range Rover is going for a coupe with identical features and finish on the inside. It is said to be powered by a 5.0-liter V8 engine. It is a vehicle designed to offer the most versatile ride ever.

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