Pacific Drive Horror Survival Game To Be Launched On PlayStation 5 in 2023

Pacific drive

During September 2022 State of Play event, Sony officially announced Pacific Drive.

It has been designed as a horror survival game for PlayStation 5 and is being readied for a release in 2023. The development process of Pacific Drive has been undertaken by Ironwood Studios, a Seattle-based studio.

The developing team, which is working on the game is almost the same as the one that has lent its expertise to games like the Call of Duty franchise, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Sly Cooper. Because of the names associated with the game, there is a lot of excitement around it. By the time it finally arrives on PlayStation 5 in 2023, the hype surrounding it would be on another level.

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Pacific Drive happens to be the first game developed by Ironwood Studios. Since Sony showcased it at the September 2022 State of Play event, the buzz around it is quite strong. It has been touted to be a “first-person driving survival game” which will have players exploring different aspects of the Olympic Exclusion Zone.

In Pacific Drive, one will witness the Olympic Exclusion Zone being a part of the Pacific Northwest which the US government had assumed control of a long time ago. This particular area was walled off after the various experiments conducted by the government resulted in environmental collapse and extreme radiation, among other issues.

While playing Pacific Drive, the player will get the opportunity to go behind the walls and explore the area. The player will have to find out whether there is any truth to the spooky incidents reported to be taking place in this area. During this journey, the players will get a chance to accumulate a good amount of loot and use it to buy tools to enhance their vehicles.

In the Pacific Drive trailer, one can see a glimpse of these gameplay elements. The trailer introduces you to the world of the game and gives you a fair idea of what you can expect from it. Along with its interesting premise, Pacific Drive is being looked for the spooky milieu it promises to showcase.

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