NBA 2K23 Trailer Offers A Glimpse Of The Modifications Made To The City

NBA 2K23

The NBA 2K23 is a very special game for those who have followed the franchise closely.

One of the reasons behind it is the fact that one will get to witness some great architecture in the 2K city in the game. This architecture, as per the reports, will also result in the city appearing to be a little smaller. The NBA 2K City’s 4 Boroughs shall feature four innovative designs that will serve as a representation of the mascot in Borough. The trailer of the NBA 2K23 has given one a fair idea of the kind of visual design one should expect from it.

NBA2K developers seemed to have worked very hard towards ensuring that each and every Borough has a distinctive visual identity to it. While the courts of The Western Wildcats are shielded by a canyon, lava vents have surrounded the Beast of the East. The South City Vipers’ courts are in close vicinity to a jungle habitat. Those interested in seeing a castle courtyard should visit the North Side Knights. Ever since NBA 2K21 has been launched, the social hub world of NBA 2K has been an integral part of the series.

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The City in NBA 2K23 shall also reintroduce some of the elements that had been missing in the game for a while. The subway fast travel feature, for instance, is one feature that will be back in the game. Fast travel stations will now be found in every nook and corner of the city. Players will also get to avail of a streamlined function that will enable them to move from the City to the MyCareer games.

As one can see in the trailer, some of the landmarks in the City have been condensed or made smaller. A lot of them have now been positioned in The Block. The Warehouse courts, interestingly, have made way for The Theatre. This is the same area where players will come across The Jordan Challenge building which houses the time machine. This particular time machine enables players to revisit some of the most everlasting moments from the iconic career of Michael Jordan.

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