Pinball FX3 to Launch on PlayStation 4 in Summer 2017

Pinball FX3

Zen Studios is all geared up to release Pinball FX3 on PlayStation 4 this summer.

The Zen Pinball has been an integral part of PlayStation ever since the early days of its inception. The new upcoming game will arrive as a replacement for the earlier Zen Pinball 2 game currently available on the console and will operate on the pinball platforms supported by Zen. A teaser or trailer of the game has been released to intrigue the gamers’ interest.

Pinball FX3 Summer 2017

The Pinball FX3 game has undergone a major revamp and gives the avid gamer a whole new playing experience on the PS4. Serving much more than just helping you to get a leading score on the scoreboard, the game is packed with new features, while also offering league play, user-generated tournaments and multi-player matchups. In a nutshell, the virtual game keeps up the spirit of playing the game live.

One noteworthy highlight of the latest version of the game is its ability to support single player mode. This mode is ideal for those who would like to develop their skills or practise for sometime by playing the game on their own before taking on opponents. This mode will fine tune you to become a better player than before. This feature has been developed keeping in mind the concerns of people who feel they are at a loss when laying their hands on the game. There are very good chances of special challenges being set in this mode to make the player become more competitive.

Another key feature is that Pinball FX3 supports the import of the Zen Pinaball 2 tables to your game. In other words, when you start a new FX3 game, you can carry forward your tables from the earlier version. This in turn helps you to avail more tables. Apart from these tables, the new pinball game will include three new tables. The details of these tables have been maintained confidential by the developers as of date. However, it is expected that information on them will be let out ahead of the release date. There will be substantial upgrades as well in addition to the new features to make the gaming experience all the more memorable. Moreover, almost all of the purchases made in the prior Pinball FX2 game can also be imported here, thereby helping you to minimize your expenses on having to buy the same things again for the new version.

Pinball FX3

Last but not least, there is one more piece of good news for those eagerly awaiting the launch of Pinball FX3. Those who do not own a PlayStation 4 need not worry about not being able to lay their hands on the game. The community focused pinball game will also make its entry on Steam, Win10 and Xbox One at the same time it features on PlayStation 4. It can also be played on any PC platform. Irrespective of the platform or console the game arrives on, Pinball FX3 is definitely bound to prove itself as the biggest pinball game released so far.

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