Official Logo Of Grand Theft Auto 6 Leaked? Here’s The Truth!

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Ever since Rockstar Games confirmed that Grand Theft Auto 6 is being developed, fans have been overly excited about the game.

That explains why every leak or rumor about the game gets a great amount of traction. As always, Rockstar Games have made it a point to stay quiet on all the information floating around. However, that has not stopped rumors from floating around.

The one thing that has caught the attention of the fans in a huge way is an alleged update rolled out in the Rockstar Games store. Though one does not know how legitimate this temporary refresh was, a large number of fans are convinced that it has offered them a glimpse of the official Grand Theft Auto 6 logo.

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Reportedly, the online merchandise page of Rockstar Games received an update on April 15. A new item was added to the page as a part of the update. Before the effect of the refresh subsided, fans managed to capture a screenshot. This particular screenshot implied that the developers were not prepared to launch the new item yet.

The new shirt, which we saw in the screenshot, didn’t feature a price tag or a label. It, instead, featured a codename and one got an impression that it was available for free. Named ‘Black_Americas_Logo’, this particular piece of clothing had a distinctive logo that many fans believe to be that of GTA 6. The ‘VI’ numeral, along with the pink and blue design, indicated that this could be the official logo of GTA 6.

At the moment, it is tough to determine how authentic these rumors really are. Some of the prominent GTA leakers have come forward and stated that they have seen this particular logo for a long time on the website.

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There are many who even refuse to acknowledge that the website was updated in the last 24 hours. They have strengthened their viewpoint by stating that even if the shirt was visible on the website for a few seconds, one could have traced it using a third-party archival site.

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