Pokemon Anime Is Getting a Fan-Favorite Character Back!


The Pokemon anime series is known, among other things, for all the interesting characters it has.

Most of these characters have a unique and distinctive personality which has made them memorable. Often, fans get attached to these characters and when one of these doesn’t appear in a particular season, it leaves them disheartened.

One of the most loved characters in the series happens to be Serena who was an integral part of Pokemon XY and Pokemon XYZ but then, had to opt-out of the group to travel across Hoenn. There is some good news for those who had been missing Serena. She will be making a comeback with an upcoming episode of Pokemon Journeys.

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Leaked images from a Japanese magazine have confirmed that Serena will be one of the primary characters in Pokemon Journeys, beginning from its next episode. Pokemon Journey’s fifth episode from the new season went on air in Japan recently and fans can expect to see Serena making an appearance in the next episode. At the moment, is confirmed that Serena will be seen in one episode of the new season. Whether she will be seen in subsequent episodes or not is something that remains to be confirmed.

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Multiple photographs of Serena from Pokemon Journeys has surfaced on the internet. Some of these pictures show Serena with two other characters from Pokemon. One of the characters is Chloe, a popular supporting character from Pokemon Journeys. The other character is Lisia, who happens to be an NPC in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Through these pictures, you also get to discover that these three characters are accompanied by three Pokemon, Sylveon, Delphox and Eevee.

Serena has been a special character for Pokemon fans for various reasons. Even if she makes a brief re-appearance in the series, it will make fans refresh some of the many wonderful memories associated with her character.

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