PS Now is Bringing PS4 Games to PC, Is the Playstation 5 Console Launching Sooner than Expected?

Playstation Now

Sony has announced that the PS Now service that allows players to enjoy PS3 games is now expanding to offer PS4 titles as well.

The announcement was made in their official blog but the company didn’t confirm a release date yet. They however did add that beta testing is in progress at the moment. It enables the developers to check how well Playstation 4 games are streamed on the PC platform over the internet. The PS Now service won’t allow players to install games locally and play them like how Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass works.

Playstation Now

Getting those files locally sounds like a much better plan because you can avoid lagging issues and the need to be constantly connected to the web to enjoy the games. While Sony didn’t explicitly state the PS4 games that you will soon be able to play on your PC using an Xbox controller, the most anticipated ones are the Last of Us Remastered, Uncharted 4 which have been coveted properties of the platform for a very long time.

The services also lead to a speculation that it may allow PC gamers to enjoy Naughty Dog titles like the rumored Crash Bandicoot and many other games. The exclusivity game is slowly coming to an end as Xbox One brought all its games to Windows 10 PCs including Gears of War 4 and Forza Horizon. Halo 5 Guardians is the only game that is not on PCs yet but it won’t be long being a first person shooter it is.

Playstation 5

Similarly, Sony is now offering PS3 games through PS Now subscription service and PS4 games are soon to be added which further indicates that the Playstation 5 console could get launched sooner than expected. PS4 Pro is a minor upgrade but the PS5 would be much more powerful and is designed to compete against Microsoft’s Xbox Scorpio. E3 2017 is easily the most anticipated event because it could witness the announcement of two next generation consoles and all games that land on their would seamlessly run on PCs because they all share the same architecture as well as similar hardware. Developers could port games easily and offer a unified experience on PS5, Xbox Scorpio and PC making exclusivity a thing of the past.

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Even the ones that are still called exclusive are more timed exclusives than permanently being tied up to the platform. E3 2017 is around the corner and the Playstation 5 might just be there!

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