PS4 5.00 System Update has Good News for Streamers and Movie Buffs

PS4 5.00 System Update

For gamers who have been closely following the PS4 system software update version 5.00, there isn’t too much interesting things to share because many of the updates got leaked a weak ago.

However, the official patch note from Sony is out now and it has some good news for streamers as well as those movie buffs.

PS4 5.00 Update

The not-so-important update for adult gamers but a useful addition for parents is the ability to control what your children plays or should play on the Playstation 4 console. The developers have rolled out some changes making it easier to setup a child account for the kids at home and customize parental settings as required. With the newest update, multiple adults can have access to the settings and they can set a level for the children based on their age group. It ensures no obscene adult content, violence or other stuff reaches them.

Twitch Streamers Got it Finally

A lot of gamers love to stream their games being played on the PS4 platform over Twitch. Majority of them do it for fun and not to make a living out of it. For those select few who are professionals and need the best streaming quality for their longtime fans, Playstation 4 Pro finally supports 1080p, 60 FPS streaming over the Twitch platform. The only catch is that you can’t do it with the PS4 console though.

PS4 5.00 System Update sony

Disable Annoying Notifications

Users can finally put those annoying notifications to rest. A notification dialog box has been introduced within the settings which if disabled, will disable pop-ups when playing a movie or television series on the PS4 console.It should be a welcome relief because it’s more than painstakingly annoying to watch it pop up now and then making it impossible to get involved in the movie.

A New notifications panel has been added to the quick menu. When you are playing a game, it is no longer mandatory to quit the game to check if a download or update has been complete. A party window now lets players instantly quit a party or join one in any game without fuss.

More Updates

PS VR now gets surround sound upgrade, and there is improved tournaments bracket viewer for players who love to keep track of competitive matches. A couple of new languages are now added to the PS4 console including Thai, Vietnamese, Hungarian, Indonesian, Czech and Greek for regional gamers.

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