Whatsapp Desktop Will Soon Support Status Updates

Whatsapp status update

Among the slew of features the Whatsapp team is working on, the ability to modify status messages and view others’ statuses is something that users wanted on Whatsapp desktop version.

With the latest desktop update, it should be possible for you to get what you have been asking for a long time. While there is always the option to access your phone to find what your friends are up to, desktop version is something a lot of people are getting used to. What used to be a simple communication app is now what many business users rely on. They keep their smartphone on but every other action is carried on their PCs and later relayed to the phone with the help of 4G or Wifi internet connections.

Whatsapp desktop

For now, the ability to create, edit your status messages on Whatsapp desktop has been kept hidden. It obviously means that the feature has been disabled by default and will be live only when bug fixing, testing is done. Most Whatsapp updates take their own sweet time to be rolled out to the iOS and Android versions. The reason behind this delay is that millions of users rely on the app for their everyday communication and the developers do their best to not crash it or create malfunction that may affect their work.

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Apart from the ability to edit status and view other status messages, the developers are planning to roll out live location feature on the smartphone version of the app. It has been under development for a very long time now and once rolled out, should be useful for everyone who needs to share their location with others. It improves safety for those traveling alone and you can easily find your friend if you plan to meet up at a random location in a completely new environment.


The team which is yet to finalize the name to recall sent messages is now planning to call it the Delete for Everyone feature. Previously, it was known as Revoke and later Recall but the latest naming seems perfect and we can only assume they wouldn’t change this again. The ability to call back messages sent on Whatsapp is crucial especially when you sent a wrong text, image or other file to an individual or an entire group. It should soon be rolled out to the iOS and Android versions of Whatsapp in the near future to minimize typo errors that happen when sharing messages.

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