PS4 Issues Continue To Delay Fallout 4 Mod Support

PS4 Issues Continue To Delay Fallout 4 Mod Support

Developers Bethesda doesn’t have a clear explanation as to why they delayed Fallout 4 mod support on PS4 for so many months.

In terms of architecture, PS4 and Xbox One are quite similar. The mods have already been rolled out on Xbox One console in the month of May. They announced that Playstation 4 hardware has some hurdles including limitations on file size and textures. In their announcement, they added that the PC textures used in the existing mods were not compatible with the console because of increased file size.

Bethesda announced to PS4 owners that they will work with Sony to find a way to optimally export those textures and make them compatible with the Playstation architecture. It is not the only problem that they faced because sound files in their current format wouldn’t run on the console. Each file has to be processed separately so as to make it work with Fallout 4.

The game is known for its open world adventure. Ever since its first iteration, PC gamers have expanded its lifespan by launching one mod after another. The mod files kept Fallout 3 relevant for more than seven years until Bethesda announced that Fallout 4 is coming. Such response encouraged developers to bring mod support to consoles like Xbox One and PS4.

Fallout 4 Mods

In their last announcement, Bethesda brought a new problem into the forefront. The Xbox One console supported up to 2GB mods but PS4 was limited to just 900MB files during the beta mode. It irked a lot of gamers as most good modifications were of bigger size. It allowed developers to create better looking graphics in high resolution, add details and offer an immersive experience.

Bethesda has no official announcement till now on bringing mod support for PS4 consoles. The company claims that they are still working with Sony and the process is under evaluation. They assured to make an announcement as soon as Sony replies to their queries. We are not sure as to who delayed the launch by so many weeks. It could either me Sony or the developers but in the end Playstation gamers are the ones who had to simply wait until they lost their patience.

The next generation consoles which are yet to be announced are supposed to be more powerful just like PCs. It might finally make games readily playable in higher resolution with more frame rates and allow mods among other features PC gamers enjoy now.

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