Xbox One Receives Background Music Support, Merged With Windows Store

Xbox One Receives Background Music Support

Microsoft has rolled out the Xbox One summer update.

It brings a bunch of interesting new features including support for background music, Cortana, better game collection interface and has merged its store with the Windows store.

In their official blog Xbox wire, the company confirmed that they have managed to bring almost all the features that were included in the preview version. The Xbox app is now available for the iOS and Android platforms allowing gamers to do some tasks on the go without having to be physically near their console.

Out of the so many features rolled out in the Xbox One summer update, the background music will probably be the most popular of them all. For the time being, it will be supported only by the Pandora app. Microsoft has confirmed that they will soon roll it out to more apps including Spotify, iTunes among others. The feature lets players listen to their favorite music while they are playing game titles. Other people to join the partnership are iHeart Radio and Groove Music which is part of the Windows family.

Xbox One Merged With Windows Store

Cortana, the virtual assistant which makes life easier for Windows 10 users is now available for Xbox One owners in US and UK. The voice command assistant lets gamers give voice commands to the console such as opening a game, closing an app or other similar tasks. Gamers can deliver commands using the Kinect or a headset. The voice assistant is now equipped with the ability to understand natural language, more accents and text dictation.

Game collection interface on the Xbox One console has received a cool overhaul. Everything including finding your favorite game, ready to install one, update or read information about a particular title is now easy with the brand new interface. When you take a look at it, you should be able to see how intuitive and easy to use it is.

Language Region Independence allows users to switch to any language of their choice on the console irrespective of the place where it is being used. For example, you can use German or French rather than using English in the North American region. The same can be done in any other part of the world if English is your preferred choice.

The Windows store and the Xbox One store has now been merged to act as one platform to buy games. During the E3 2016 expo, Microsoft confirmed that they are bringing all popular Xbox exclusives to Windows based computers. The same is going to be carried out by merging the stores. It makes it easier for players to buy a game once and have it on all platforms.

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